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WBS Training are delighted to announce our new conference for 2018: Women in Quantitative Finance Conference (WQF). This conference will showcase the female talent within the existing quants community, discuss opportunities for the next generation and the current challenges for women in quantitative finance. Please note this is not a female only conference.  

Conference Stream: 

Women in Quantitative Finance Conference (WQF)  

 Standard Fee: £399.00 + UK VAT

Sponsorship: Email me today

Connect with 500 delegates from across the quantitative research world.


  • Host the Gala Dinner
  • Host the Drinks Reception
  • Join the discussion and present at WQF conference
  • Join the debate and sit on a panel
  • Take a kiosk 


Keynote: Helyette Geman

Professor of Mathematical Finance

Birkbeck University of London & Johns Hopkins University

Katia Babbar

MD, Head of e-FX Algorithmic Trading, FX Product | CB Markets

Lloyds Banking Group

Jessica James

Managing Director

Commerzbank AG 

Christoph Burgard

Head of Risk Analytics For Global Markets

Bank of America Merrill Lynch 

Sarah B Tremel

Global Head of Analytics, Global Valuation Group

HSBC Bank 

O. Ediz Ozkaya (to be confirmed)

Executive Director, Machine Learning Labs, Securities 

Goldman Sachs  

Roxana Simion  

Risk Specialist

Prudential Regulation Authority (Bank of England) 

Diana Ribeiro

Deputy Head of Rates Quantitative Research, CB Markets

Lloyds Banking Group 

Abdel Lantere

Data Scientist, Quantitative Consultant


Nicole Sandler

FinTech and Regtech - EMEA Legal Regulatory Policy and Affairs 


Paul Bilokon 

Founder, CEO,Thalesians 

Senior Quantitative Consultant, BNP Paribas 


Talent Attraction & Retention:

  • What are QR Financial Services currently doing and what should they be doing to attract more female talent?
  • What can recruitment companies do to help?
  • What strategies are financial companies using at present if any?
  • What are QR Financial Services currently doing and what should they be doing to retain female talent?

Panel Career Progression

  • Do you think that being a woman is a significant factor in slowing down career progression in QR Financial Services?
    • If so, could this be avoided and how?
  • What mentoring programs are available for juniors if any? 
  • Is it still hard to make it to the top positions, if so why and what can do done to change the situation?
  • Discuss female role models in finance and significant achievements
  • Tips from coaches on career progression (eg having your voice heard)
  • Gender diversity issues (discuss numbers, policies, how to address it)
  • How important are the following:
    • Promotions/Career opportunities
    • Pay gap elimination
    • Agile/Flexible working 

Important Notes

Main Conference presentation files on USB memory sticks will be provided on arrival. The Main Conference files will also be made available for download via a password protected website before the event. Please print out each presentation if you wish to have hard copies before the conference and bring them with you. 

Also, Wi-Fi access will be available at the venue to view presentations on laptops and mobile devices.