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Day 1: XVA Master Class by Massimo Morini

  • How recent changes affect the banks business:
      • Reorganizing for  XVAs and the profitability of the Derivatives Business
      • Accounting and Regulatory (Capital and Prudent Valuation) perspective
  • The base CSA Price
      • The value of collateral and OIS discounting
      • Negative rates and Multicurve in an XVA framework
  • Credit Value Adjustment (CVA)
      • The mathematics and the implementation
      • Models and Model Risk
      • Wrong-way risk and Correlated Counterparties
      • CVA hedging
  • Debt Value Adjustment (DVA)
      • Hedging DVA or Transfer to the treasury
      • The Closeout puzzle and effects
  • Funding  Value Adjustment (FVA)
      • The mathematics and the implementation
      • The FVA debate and Practical Solutions
      • Competitive FVA charge and XVA consensus
      • Net Stable Funding Ratio and cost of funding
  • Capital Value Adjustment (KVA)
      • Regulatory Capital Requirements
      • Simulating real world exposures
      • Correct prediction of future capital costs 

Day 2: XVA Master Class by Massimo Morini

  • Interactions between XVAs and an aggregation without double counting
    • Double counting DVA and Funding Benefit: explanation and avoidance
    • The alternative between CVA hedging with CDS and Capital Charging
    • A double counting of cost of debt in FVA and cost of equity in KVA?
  • Collateral Options
    • Cross-curency swaps
    • The value of switching collatal currency
    • The value of the bond vs cash collateral
  • Initial Value Adjustment
    • CCPs, ISDA OTC bilateral Margins, and SIMM
    • Compute the Initial Margin prospective funding cost
    • An efficient implementation and the effect on pricing
  • Other mitigations of risk:
    • Break-up Clauses
    • Netting and Set-off agreements
    • Tranching CVA
  • Gaining Computational Efficiency
    • XVA Simulation with analytic exposures vs American Montecarlo for XVA
    • Efficient sensitivities through Adjoint Differentiation
    • Adjoints for XVAs: interaction with default, calibration and wrong way risk

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About the Presenter

Massimo Morini is Head of Interest Rate and Credit Models at IMI Bank of Intesa San Paolo, where he also coordinates modelling research. He has been a consultant to the World Bank and other supranational institutions. Massimo is Professor at Bocconi University and MSc Director at Milan Polytechnic, and he was Research Fellow at Cass Business School, London. He delivers advanced training worldwide and is regularly an invited speaker at main derivatives conferences. He has published papers in journals including Risk Magazine, Mathematical Finance, and the Journal of Derivatives, and is the author of "Understanding and Managing Model Risk: A Practical Guide for Quants, Traders and Validators" and other books on credit, funding and interest rate modelling. Massimo holds a PhD in Mathematics and an MSc in Economics.



Radisson Blu Portman Hotel
22 Portman Square
London W1H 7BG
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